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What is SSL and Why It’s Important

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Secure Sockets Layer is important?

What is SSL?

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is the simplest way to establish an encrypted link between a user on a browser and the site they are visiting. It ensures that any data transmitted stays private. This stops unwanted viewers and cybercriminals from seeing your activity and private data on the internet.
Secure Sockets Layer works by the use of a process called an “SSL handshake”. The handshake makes the connection using three keys: public, private, and session. When a user enters a site with SSL, the browser requests that the server identifies itself. Then, the server sends its public key and an “SSL Certificate”. This certificate is proof that the SSL is provided by a trusted Certificate Authority and belongs to the site being accessed. If the certificate checks out, the browser creates a session key and sends it to the site’s server using the public key. The server then decrypts the session key using its private key and sends a confirmation encrypted with the session key, beginning the encrypted session. From here on, all data transmitted is encrypted through the session key.

Why is Secure Sockets Layer important?

Your website’s use of an SSL is essential to the trustworthiness of your site. When an SSL is in use, the symbol of a lock appears in the URL bar of your browser and “HTTP” becomes “HTTPS” (the s standing for secure). This reassurance of privacy and safety brings peace of mind to your website visitors, and it builds trust in your brand.
Marketing benefits to SSL are abundant. SSL is a simple way to build brand trust and professionalism. In addition, having an SSL now boosts Google search results. Web browsers display a “not secure” warning on sites without an SSL, which causes many visitors to stop browsing on that site out of fear of a data breach.
These benefits are simple to obtain, as Carbon Web is an experienced provider of SSL. Basic SSL is the base protection plan we provide for any site. For sites with stores, our store SSL is the extra layer of protection needed to verify transactions and keep them secure. The online protection of your business is easy and there are many marketing benefits, so SSL with Carbon Web is a no-brainer!
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