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3 Must-Haves To Build (or Upgrade) Your Company’s Website

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Must Haves for Building a Website

Over 350 websites are created every minute.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking to build a website for your startup or a company leader who wishes to revamp your existing site, building a noteworthy online presence is now more crucial than ever before. At the same time, the threat of competition and the increase of technological adoption .require you to innovate consistently. What can you do to stay ahead of competitors in 2022?

The answer? Maintaining a strong website.

Gone are the days when entrepreneurs can “set it and forget it”, putting their website on the back burner to focus on their core competencies. Now, websites are an integral part of any forward-leaning company’s core business model. Why? Because without steady traffic from a beautifully designed and intuitive interface, new prospects may quickly begin to waver. Additionally, the absence of data-driven decision-making from accurate analytics severely limits a company’s ability to pivot to new trends and opportunities. In turn, even leading companies are liable to be overtaken by the competition.

To stay ahead of the curve, here are the key ingredients to build (or update) your website.

1. Seamless Design

Without a functional and aesthetically sleek website, peer competitors can quickly attract and reroute your prospects. By having a conversion-oriented homepage, beautifully designed template, and need-based structure (for job boards, online stores, 3rd party plugins, and more), the growth potential for your website greatly increases.

2. Data-Driven SEO & Analytics

Every day, traffic volume and visitor actions present a unique opportunity to collect and act on valuable insight and analytics. Are you making the most out of your data? By integrating an analytics portal onto your website, you pave the way for better decision-making that can increase profitability. By coupling data analytics with search engine optimization (SEO), you increase traffic thereby accelerating your company’s ability to learn which decisions generate conversions.

3. Periodic Updates

Even the most polished, functional, and easy-to-use websites can be made irrelevant in a matter of months. That’s because industry competition breeds continual updates and website revisions, constantly improving the speed and accessibility of sites. By maintaining a consistent update schedule, you can keep your business at its best, winning new contracts, clients, customers, and partners in the process.

Of note, if you’re looking for a streamlined way to improve or build your website while encapsulating each of the three elements above, our Evolution Plan is a cost-effective and dependable solution. We use an innovative content management system (CMS) to collaboratively work on websites with unparalleled ease of access for content changes.

Importance for Websites are growing

Word of mouth and referrals are commonly cited as two of the most important growth-driving factors for companies worldwide. At the same time, up-and-coming generations who grew up with tech integration around every corner are accustomed to digitalized interactions and correspondence. In turn, a major shift in prospect acquisition is underway. Although human interaction will continue to be an integral component for any business, websites are the first place that prospects visit when deciding whether or not to subscribe to a company’s products or services. For this reason, staying on top of your website is paramount.

Why Use CarbonWeb for Building your Website?

Although DIY site builders offer ease-of-use and growing functional support, the block-based templates and SEO limitations of these platforms are limited when compared to the programs we use. Additionally, they have a tendency to produce sites that look and feel the same. At CarbonWeb, we can customize the totality of your web presence, building a custom-tailored solution that stands out. Additionally, our clients have more control over their websites, enabling seamless scalability in the process.

One Dedicated Team

As you make preparations for a new website, having a team of dedicated experts who are committed to your success is critical. Oftentimes, companies outsource website building efforts to separate companies for matters like SEO, analytics, and design. In turn, the end product quickly becomes unwieldy. By utilizing an integrated team like Carbon Web, you can conduct the entirety of your website building or upgrade efforts with unparalleled consistency. Additionally, having a centralized team lends way to seamless communication, ensuring that developers, designers, writers, and SEO specialists are on the same page.

Closing Remarks

The website creation or upgrade process can be overwhelming even for the most tech-savvy developers. If you’re looking for a streamlined way to build an SEO and analytics-driven site, the Evolution Plan at CarbonWeb can help. As part of the Evolution Plan, you can expect unparalleled transparency through the report portal, conducting site fixes within 24 hours. Additionally, you’ll receive a 1-year refresh, complimentary. That’s in addition to SEO support, data analytics integration, and stunning design services. Overall, our dedicated, centralized team handles the entirety of what businesses need to succeed with their online presence, outperforming the competition in the process.

Are you ready to take your website to the next level? Schedule a time. and lets discuss your website needs. Want to stay up to date with all things CarbonWeb? Subscribe to our newsletter below! Checkout another blog here.

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