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The Benefits and Drawbacks of eCommerce: What You Need to Know

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eCommerce is growing. Does your business have the wherewithal to keep up?

Whether you’re the owner of a traditional “brick and mortar” store or an entrepreneur seeking to embody the “lean startup” model via eCommerce, there are countless pros and cons associated with selling online.

At the same time, digital transformation is forcing business owners to reevaluate the prospect of online sales, especially in light of recent global circumstances.

To help you make an informed decision regarding the viability of eCommerce for your business, we’re crafted this blog to highlight the pros and cons.

(Pro) Local, Nationwide, & Global Reach

Today, exposure and impressions are key to discovery. Without a strong digital presence, even local stores can be missed. For this reason, embracing Google My Business is essential for eCommerce and “brick and mortar” stores alike. Here are a few noteworthy benefits:

Benefits and Drawbacks of eCommerce:

  • Easily accessible information such as store hours, product types, and more for relevant customers (Benefits and Drawbacks of eCommerce)

  • Reviews for social validation and reputability is also benefits and drawbacks of eCommerce

  • Search appearances to attract new prospective customers

By having an eCommerce presence, you put yourself in a better position to take advantage of a great local reputation, expanding your operations into the previously unreachable territory.

(Con) Integration & Retargeting

While an eCommerce store can dramatically increase your earning potential, making the transition to a digital presence can take time, tech proficiency, and coordination.

Likewise, retargeting has the potential to dramatically increase your product conversion rate but necessitates data-driven insight and intelligent analytics.

For traditional store owners, incorporating these new technologies can add an additional layer of complexity to existing operations. While companies with tech-savvy staff members may be able to embrace the change, those who rely on legacy systems may not.

In either case, forward-leaning companies can embrace the shift toward eCommerce by partnering with CarbonWeb. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to help you develop a meaningful digital presence and dramatically bolster results.

Get in touch with us via our website.

(Pro) Social Media Reach

Social media affords businesses a unique opportunity to connect with new customers. Enabling you to stay engaged with existing customers, and keep everyone in the loop on updates, news, and upcoming product releases.

In turn, business owners can make meaningful strides toward greater brand loyalty and an improved customer experience. By having an eCommerce presence, companies can immediately capitalize on audience excitement, providing a means for direct purchasing and fulfillment. Increased sales follow afterward.

(Con) Complex Website & Store Development

During an in-store visit, customers may decide to search elsewhere if the particular product they were seeking is out-of-stock. Online stores, on the other hand, give store owners increased flexibility, waitlist functionality, and automated in-stock notifications to circumvent this issue.

At the same time, developing a website is a large task. Setting up website features, and conducting steady updates can be challenging and time-consuming for traditional store and business owners.

As a solution, prospective eCommerce store owners can save time and frustration by outsourcing their web development and update efforts to a trusted team of developers. At CarbonWeb, we provide website development solutions that surpass industry standards and

Closing Thoughts

Although eCommerce presents unique challenges, the opportunities associated with digital sales are well worth the effort. If you’re partnering with a leading team like CarbonWeb to help develop and sustain your online presence, you’ll save time while accelerating your potential business growth.

To get started, please feel free to visit our Demo Page. In turn, you can take the first steps toward a more profitable and robust business! Gained some insight? Check out another blog!

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